Our Stories

We have good stories to tell.  Check some of them out, and come be a part of the good stories at Westminster!

  • "Westminster is a community of people whose love for the Lord is demonstrated in the way they care for each other completely and selflessly. Faithful friends and church leaders have walked beside us through happy times and sad and have literally been the feet of Jesus to us over and over again. We feel truly blessed to call this church our home."

    Rich and Julie Hess, members

  • "This is a church full of talented people who are willing to spend their time and efforts to serve His kingdom. The music is very unique . We have bells/chimes. We sing both contemporary songs and old hymns. We are a church from all walks of life from newborn through God-blessed old age. Everyone should be able to find a group to join and a place to belong. If you have kids, the church has a school that provides excellent Christian education from preschool to high school. The church ministry team is very solid. We have Elders and Deacons to cover every aspect of people's needs. This is not a very big church so I never feel as though I am walking into a giant crowd where no one will notice me or care for me."

    Lai Ching Fulton, member

  • "We love the church for many reasons. Faithfulness to the preaching of God's Word and dear Christian fellowship has been a huge source of blessing for the Hall family, and I'm so grateful to call WPC my church home."

    Steve and Susan Hall, members