men's ministry

Why Men’s Ministry?

As the men of Westminster go so goes Westminster. Throughout Scripture, God commands men—in the assembly and at home—to lovingly lead. Whether it is the many commands in the Old Testament Law, the requirements for elders and deacons, or admonishments to husbands, the godliness of men within the people of God is necessary for the holiness of the whole. In short, God calls us to lead in every sphere he has given us influence: leading ourselves, in our marriages, families, friendships, neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. Therefore, investing in the men of Westminster is one of the most strategic investments we can make as a church.

This call to lead is all the more pressing given the constant current of our culture that encourages and entices men to immerse themselves in the fleeting pursuits and pleasures of this life, often to the detriment of their personal holiness and ability to lead others. Through growth in our knowledge of God, His Word and edifying biblical fellowship, our goal is to help men fight off these natural and cultural forces.

This fall the men are meeting monthly at the home of James Gregga for drinks and a discussion of Michael Reeves' book Delighting in the Trinity on Thursday evenings at 7pm. For more details, contact James at

To learn more, contact the Church Office at