men's ministry

Why Men’s Ministry?

As the men of Westminster go so goes Westminster. Throughout Scripture, God commands men—in the assembly and at home—to lovingly lead. Whether it is the many commands in the Old Testament Law, the requirements for elders and deacons, or admonishments to husbands, the godliness of men within the people of God is necessary for the holiness of the whole. In short, God calls us to lead in every sphere he has given us influence: leading ourselves, in our marriages, families, friendships, neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces. Therefore, investing in the men of Westminster is one of the most strategic investments we can make as a church.

This call to lead is all the more pressing given the constant current of our culture that encourages and entices men to immerse themselves in the fleeting pursuits and pleasures of this life, often to the detriment of their personal holiness and ability to lead others. Through growth in our knowledge of God, His Word and edifying biblical fellowship, our goal is to help men fight off these natural and cultural forces.

To learn more, contact Pastor O'Donnell at or 224-508-0032.


  • Men's Bible Study

    This Fall, the men of Westminster will be gathering to study the book of Colossians each week in tandem with the women. Pastor Doug O'Donnell will lead the study--it will involve two parts. First, responding to the sermon (on Colossians) from the previous Sunday and sharing where it challenged or encouraged you. Second, studying the passage that will be preached the following week to prepare our hearts to hear from God. This study will give each man to the tools to study God's Word and a space to share where God is challenging you. The study will end in prayer each week. Our study will begin Wednesday September 4th at 6pm, here at Westminster, but you are welcome to join at any time!

  • High Mileage Men’s Club

    This exclusive club (only for men over 70!) warmly welcomes newcomers. Join them for lunch and fellowship at Nick’s Pizza and Pub (990 S Randall Rd, Elgin). Noon to 1:30 pm each second Wednesday of the month.

  • SEPTEMBER 16: Monday night Football & pizza

    Join the men of the church for watching some Monday Night Football and enjoying pizza together at the Gregga home.

    Email or text (630-779-7879) James Gregga with questions.

  • october 19: work day & pancake breakfast

    The Men of Westminster will be gathering in Fellowship Hall from 8-10am at church to enjoy some pancakes and sausage. Don't miss this time with the guys!

    Email or text (630-779-7879) James Gregga with questions.

  • november 23: he who has no money poker tournament

    Enjoy some just-for-fun poker playing with the guys! No money, only poker chips, and some Italian Beef to keep us well fed. Open to all men.

    Email or text (630-779-7879) James Gregga with questions.

  • january 13: Bulls vs. celtics Chili Cook-off

    Watch some basketball and participate in the first men's chili cook-off at the Gregga home. Beginning at 6pm and ending when you want to leave (or the Gregga's kick you out!).

    Email or text (630-779-7879) James Gregga with questions.

  • february 8: k1 Gokart racing

    Enjoy some fun with the Men of Westminster by racing some GoKarts at K1 GoKart Racing in Addison. Details and exact times forthcoming.

    Email or text (630-779-7879) James Gregga with questions.

  • march 7: Horse basketball competition and fried chicken

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  • april 4: final four march madness

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  • may 9: Go ahead, make my day shooting event

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  • june: all-church kane county cougars game

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