Vision for the Store

The store offers new toys ($25 and under in value) for sale at $2 each to parents in the low-

income communities nearby. We offer free gift-wrapping, refreshments, childcare during the

event, and prayer as well. All proceeds from the store go to Highland Christian Academy as

scholarship money for kids from these neighborhoods.

The discounted prices enable parents to afford Christmas gifts for their kids. They have the

dignity and pleasure of picking out the gifts and paying for it themselves. Research has shown

that “hand-outs” of gifts secretly demoralize those who receive them, especially fathers.

Repeatedly being given handouts of toys, food, and clothing has been shown to have a

profoundly negative impact on communities in the long run. So we hope this store will be a

blessing to these families without the negative effects.

We also hope to see the bonds of Christ grow between the partner churches as we work together

as one for the gospel and for the love of Jesus.

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