Our Stories

We have good stories to tell.  Check some of them out, and come be a part of the good stories at Westminster!

  • "If you are looking to be loved, to belong and to be genuinely cared for, than this is the place for you. This is an established, solid, Biblically sound, multi-generational, mission/community focused church. Seeking to love God and love others."

    Josh Polanco, member

  • "This is a church full of talented people who is willing to spend their time and efforts to serve in His kingdom. Music is very unique - we have bells/chimes. We sing both contemporary songs and old hymns. We are a church of all walks of life from newborn to God blessed old age. Anyone should be able to find a group to join to if you want to. If you have kids, the church has a school that it provides Christian education from pre-school to high school. The church staff structure is very solid. We have Elders and Deacons to cover every aspect of people needs. This is not a very big church so I feel I am not just walking into a giant crowd and no one notice me or care for me."

    Lai Ching Fulton, member

  • "We love the church for many reasons. Faithfulness to the preaching of God's Word and dear Christian fellowship has been a huge source of blessing for the Hall family, and I'm so grateful to call WPC my church home."

    Steve and Susan Hall, members